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My blog is about gaming. And how to play games. So about my self. I`m a child that loves the internet and games.So I made my blog about gaming. And I wanted to teach kids about the internet. So I thought what was the biggest thing on the internet. And gaming popped up in my mind. So I wanted to teach them in this blog I`m going to teach little kids how to be safe on the internet and games. In fun ways like little games that teach the rules for the little kids to be safe on the internet. Then move up to big kids games . Then teach them rules for that stage of gaming and the internet. So that is my plan.

  • Some facts about me that you may not know is I`m in middle school.
  • And I love to spend time with my family and friends.
  • And have fun with them.Soaring into The sun set
  • I`m also allergic to a amoxicillin.  Victoria Dixon via Compfight


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